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Chronology of Work

1997 - The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences establishes MCIA as a non-commercial organization.

1997 - Worked out the program of financial optimization of health care facilities of the federal control, the program was approved by the Collegium of RAMS. The program task is to formulate modern methods to increase the efficiency of using financial-technical and personnel resources of the RAMS clinical centers.

1997 - The Federal medical inquiry is established according to the recommendation of the Presidium of RAMS, Ministry of Health and the foundations of compulsory medical insurance.

1998 - Agreement of collaboration between MCIA and Ministry of Health for formation analytical information system about the resource usage in medical facilities of the Federal control, the structure, scope of help, the tariffs for medical services and time period for their completion.

1998 - Agreement with the State inspectorate for prices affiliated to the Government of Moscow for investigation of demand and supply market of medical services, classification of medical service and calculation of the prices.

1998 - The beginning of the experiment on development of the methods of planning medical and economic activity of the four clinical centers of RAMS aimed to prepare the regulatory base of accounts with the Federal budget according to the final result - "For every serviced patient"

1998 - MCIA worked out and integrated the program complex of processing the information about the demands of population in high-technological medical care.

1999 - "Manual of payment calculation for medical service" worked out with the help of MCIA collaborators is approved by the Ministry of Health and RAMS (10.11.99 № 01-23/4-10/01-02/41).

2000 - Interdepartmental Tariff Commission is set according to the initiative and with the participation of MCIA (Order of Ministry of Health and RAMS № 70/14 from 28.02.2000 г.)

2001 - Agreement between Ministry of Health and MCIA for realization of the Internet project of the informational support for the high-technological medical care maintenance in the federal specialized medical facilities.

2001 - Integration of the computerized program complex for the personified recording of the medical services regardless to the source of its funding.

2002 - The Presidium of RAMS committed acquisition, processing and analysis of medical-statistic data and indexes of activity of subsidiary facilities to MCIA. MCIA signed an agreement of collaboration and consolidated activity with RAMS.

2003 - Created the basis of formation the MCIA system: 28 agreements about the informational exchange are signed with the regional MCIAs.

2004 - The beginning of realization of the scientific projects in collaboration with the World Bank, WHO, TAСIS.

2004 - Working group starts its activity concerning the issues of development and integration of information technologies and systems into the scientific centers of RAMS.

2005 - MCIA becomes a member of the American and European Associations of Medical Informatics.

2006 - With the participation of MCIA a work group is set to solve the questions of health care reform measures on the regional and local levels affiliated with the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation.

2007 - MCIA is accepted as the academic Assembly member of the International Medical Informatics Association.

2008 - A model and a typal informational system of management record in medical organizations is constructed according to the order of Ministry of Health and Social development with the participation of the specialists from the World Bank and 1C organization.

2008 - The Department of high technological help of Ministry of Health included MCIA collaborators into the working group focused at preparing the offers of funding the state mission of providing the population with the high technological medial care funded with the federal budget (Order of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation from 17.10.08 № 573).

2009 - The computerized system "Electronic health passport of child" is integrated in Moscow and Moscow region upon the initiative of MCIA.