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Main RSW

Completed by MCIA RAMS

Public Health Care

1. Analyses of the processes of the health care system restructuring in Tver and Kaluga regions in the frame of realization of the component "Monitoring, evaluation and expansion of experience" of the pilot project "Reformation of Health Care"(Foundation "Russian Health Care", 2003)
2. Support in developing of the strategy of the primary medical and social care (European project "ТАCIS", 2004)
3. Managed medical care (Regional public organization of disabled, 2004)
4. Preparation of acts regulating the prices for medical service and the standards of health care for rendering high technological health care according to the state order (task) (Ministry of Health, 2004)
5. Symposiums with the data and markers of the net, activity and personnel of the federal scientific medical facilities under the jurisdiction of RAMS (Presidium of RAMS, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)
6. Development of the statistical recording system of the health care organizations in the conditions of health care modernization in Russian Federation (Ministry of Health, 2005)
7. Order of periodic prophylactic medical examination and health resorts servicing state civil servants (Ministry of Health, 2005)
8. Technical cooperation concerning health care reformation (The World Bank, 2005)
9. Working out of the strategic approaches to the complex medical care restructuring (The World Bank, 2006)
10. Scientific verification of the pilot projects aimed at increasing of health care service quality including working out of the selection criteria of the subjects of the Russian Federation and the models of health care funding in the pilot subjects of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Health, 2006)
11. Elaboration of scientifically verified offers for the introduction of the compulsory medical insurance for the employers of the federal specialized health care organizations, whose occupation is connected with risk to their life and health (Ministry of Health, 2006)
12. Complex examination of the medical facilities belonging to JSC "Gazprom" (Gazprom, 2006)
13. Elaboration of methodological recommendations for encoding death causes in accordance with ICD-10 (Ministry of Health, 2007)
14. Development of approaches to the specification of the order of the first medical care to the injured in road accidents (ANO "Social insurance development institution", 2007)
15. Support in developing the system of primary medical care management on the governmental and municipal levels (The World Bank, 2007)
16. Support in developing the system of primary medical care facilities on the governmental and municipal levels (European project «ТАСIS», 2007-2009)

Medical Informatics

1. Elaboration of distance educational method in the field of continuous professional education of the health care facilitators (Ministry of Health, 2006)
2. Development of requirements to the computer informational educational programs for the continuous medical and pharmaceutical education (Ministry of Health, 2006)
3. Scientific verification of the electronic health passport introduction (Ministry of Health, 2006)
4. Development of the principles of organization and functioning of the "wait list of high technological care" system including order of priority for hospitalization into medical facilities (Ministry of Health, 2006)