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Mission. Tasks


Implementation of competitive resource-saving models of health care management for individuals and juridical entities based on modern organizational and informational technologies.


  • Participation in development, scientific verification of the concepts and programs of medical and social informatization, development of the model of personified e-recoding of the medical and social service and health condition of the individuals.
  • Development of medical computer science and the program means for the informational support of the management decision-making process in medical facilities and health care management authorities.
  • Compilation, evaluation and analysis of statistical data, development of billing (accounting) systems providing accuracy and rapidity of payments calculating for medical-social service.
  • Marketing of medical service, increase of accessibility of high-technological health care in Russia and abroad.
  • Development of methodology of business-planning, price formation, payment calculating of medical care.
  • Medical service expense management, i.e. navigation of the patients and doctors to involve various investors (governmental and commercial) for funding medical care and search for the organizations capable to manage it.
  • Maintenance of legal protection during the process of medical care rendering and in the end according to its results.