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Types of Activity

  • Development and support of program-instrumental complexes providing:
    • Compilation, evaluation and analysis  of medical-statistic, economic-financial information about medical care for the further statistical observation, monitoring and financial planning of the activity of various medical facilities and individuals in the frame of medical insurance and "Controlled health care";
    • Collection, evaluation, storage and transmission of personified medical-social information;
    • Exchange with regional MCIA, various medical, educational, insurance organizations;
    • Formation of the client database according to their appeals in the medical facilities;
    • Creation and support of the websites, Internet portals and other resources of the medical organizations.
  • Maintenance of worked out and integrated computerized systems, keeping the catalogues, the repository of service classifying system, patient registration records and standards of health care in the unified electronic system.
  • Scientific research in the fields of medical computer science, systematized analysis, organization and economics of health care, medical insurance.
  • Consulting services in the sphere of medical computer science, organization and economics of health care, informational catering of individuals and juridical entities.
  • Advocacy and legal protection of medical facilities and patients.
  • Educational activity aimed to upgrade business and professional skills of the specialists. Testing of the specialists with the certified program products.
  • Monitoring of the health care informational technologies market. Performing as a system integrator. Centralized distribution and maintenance of the program products.
  • Adaptation and creation of the program means concerning peculiarities in functioning of medical organization.
  • Technical servicing of computer hardware.
  • Preparation and publishing of statistical symposiums, analytical reviews in the fields of medical computer science, organization and economics of health care.
  • Advertising and editing activity.